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Events 2023

Come Walk the Medicine Road with the Panther Lodge Bear Tribe!

Autumn Equinox Pipe Carriers’ Dance

Chelsea, Michigan Gathering

Our Michigan Community will finally be gathering after two years of separation.
We will be renewing our Pipe Ceremonies and offering Healing Pipes to anyone who wants one.
A Sweat Lodge will be held and focused on healing ourselves, so that we are stronger and able to help others.
We will be reweaving our Community by making a God’s eye that everyone will hold and put their
energy into for each other.  These will be smoked over and blessed with the sacred smoke.
It will be a time of celebration as we come together again after being apart for so long. 
New people are welcome to join in. 
They will receive the blessings of these sacred ceremonies and become part of a growing community. 

As Wind Daughter shares:
         “It is like a family reunion when cousins come we have never met.
    It will be wonderful”

WHEN:  Saturday, Sept. 24th (10am–6pm)
      to Sunday, Sept. 25th (10am-3pm)

WHERE:  A beautiful property at Chelsea, Michigan              
WHAT TO BRING:     1).  Something to sit on, a chair if it is difficult to get down to the ground;
2). Sweat clothes if you want to go into the lodge;
3). A sack lunch for both days;
4). Two sticks each a foot long and yarn to share with others;
5).  Your pipes if you carry one in any tradition;
6). Drums and rattles
COST:  $200, with a $75 deposit to Wind Daughter to register. 
Send deposits to PayPal  
OR  mail check to Wind Daughter, P.O. Box 851927, Mobile, Alabama 36685. 

Questions or to Register, call/text Wind Daughter @ 251-583-5984
or email

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Community Gathering 


Grandmother Wind Daughter, Panther Wind Woman

Panther Lodge Bear Tribe Medicine Society


Send a Message to Grandmother to Register:




Fort Myers, Florida

September 9th  7pm-9pm

September 10th  10am-2pm

Kings Ferry, NY

 late September

Near Columbia, SC 

mid October

Questions or to Register, call/text

Wind Daughter @ 251-583-5984

or email

Circle of people

An Evening with Wind Daughter: Healing Pipe Ceremony

Church of Spiritual Light

1939 Park Meadows Drive, Unit #1, Fort Myers, Florida 33907

Info: Phone: Rev. Renee Bledsoe - 239-560-6314

Sept 9, 7:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. Church 


Join us for a very special evening with

Wind Daughter, Medicine Chief of the Panther Lodge Bear Tribe Medicine Society.

It is our great honor and privilege to host Wind Daughter, and to introduce her and her husband Medicine Tree, to our Southwest Florida community! She will be giving a Pipe Ceremony and we will be drumming and rattling in the Universal Medicine Wheel inside our sanctuary. Refreshments will be served.


Suggested Donation: $30 •••••••♡••••••


As the adopted daughter of Bear Heart, a Muskogee Creek elder, Wind Daughter brings Good Medicine. She is a Grandmother, carrying the spiritual teachings of Sun Bear and her own Visions from Great Spirit since 1983. She became Medicine Chief of the Bear Tribe Medicine Society when Wabun Wind passed it to her in 1996. In 2006 the Tribe was transformed into the Panther Lodge Bear Tribe Medicine Society. Her teachings are done through the Sacred Pipe, Medicine Wheel, Sweat Lodge, Earth Dance, Women's Gatherings, Creative Workshops, Pipe Carrier's Dance, and so much more! Her gatherings and ceremonies are experiential to nourish the body, mind, emotions and spirit. Healing can come forth to those who feel the experience of the Medicine from Great Spirit. We are all people of the Earth Mother. Wind Daughter honors all people that receive her Teachings.

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Members are meeting with Grandmother monthly as a Virtual Gathering in the Panther Lodge to do a Ceremony with the Sacred Pipe.

Join as a Member with the Panther Lodge Bear Tribe!

There never is a charge for Ceremony.

Fees and suggested donations are applied to the cost of venues, transportation, lodging, food, materials, and similar expenses.

Wind Daughter welcomes your communication, if there are any questions in this area.

Events 2021!
cancelled due to COVID-19

See Posters with Details for 

Due to COVID-19 issues, 2021 Events were cancelled.


The Posters are here to show you the type of Events that normally would take place.

New York Fall Gathering New York 2021-page-001.jpg

King Ferry, New York Poster Download

Lilydale Full Moon Medicine Wheel 2021-page-001.jpg
Return of Ancestors Buffalo Woman by Hea

Buffalo Woman is Calling
Women's Gathering

September 9 - 12,  2021
Ithaca, New York

Ceremony & Fellowship

Fire Ceremony with

Drumming & Singing

Painting of Prayer Feathers

Pipe Ceremony

See Poster on Events 2021 page

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Center Circle Medicine Wheel.jpg

Full Moon &
Medicine Wheel Gathering
Gathering of Women & Men