Medicine Tool Workshops

Spiritual Medicine Tools

Medicine Tools are a Gift from the Great Spirit. They are tangible objects that help you discover and understand your spiritual reality. Medicine Tools can help you learn secrets about yourself and the Universe while allowing Spirit to communicate to you and through you that flows through life and is life. They are physical manifestations of prayers you are making or energies that you are calling in to be with you.


Periodically Smudge your Medicine Tools to keep Sacred. If your Medicine Tools are out in the open, best to tell people not to touch. Medicine Objects are often awakened each use by a Tobacco Offering or a Song that is sung. They need to be activated, so the energy will flow from it. Whenever using a Medicine Tool, firstly Smudge it and you as well. It is good to do a Bonding Ceremony whenever you get a new Medicine Tool. Keep in mind when you are honoring the Spirit of your Medicine Tool that you are giving love and thanks to the Spirit or Energy of the tool.

Wind Daughter does Workshops to Make Medicine Tools.

Or learn how to create your own Medicine Tools:

A Sun Bear Book:  Dancing with the Wheel, The Medicine Wheel Workbook

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Medicine Prayer Staffs,

Prayer Poles & Healing Wands

Medicine Tools of Prayer Staffs, Prayer Poles and Healing Wands are objects of great power. Rulers of all times and cultures used a Prayer Staff of strength and authority. You can use it to take back your own authority that has been lost or weakened. Prayer Poles are like Prayer Altars where you hold it with prayers as strength transmits to you. Healing Wands are used with you as a conduit for healing energy to flow through you like a hollow bone. These Medicine Objects can be used for energy balancing, dream work, healing, ceremonial dancing, weaving or cleansing energy, massage work, praying to connect with Spirit, full moon or other ceremonies, and work with the Elementals. Allow your Spirit Tool to guide you. Sleep with your Wand or lean your Staff or Pole close to your bed so you can become familiar with its energy and Spirit. Be open to its messages.

Medicine objects when made are always Smudged along with a Bonding Ceremony.

Medicine Rattles

Rattles are powerful tools for communicating with Spirit and enhancing your prayers for almost any Ceremony. They are especially good with song, dance, journeying or healing. Different Rattles invite a variety of energies depending on their sound, what they are made from, how they are made, and how they are decorated. If a Rattle is used for spiritual purposes rather than simply a musical instrument, it should be made in a Ceremonial Way and treated with respect. A Rattle can be made of hide, gourd, wood and adorned with paint, feathers, bells, seashells, stones as whatever Spirit guides you to do. Occasionally sleep with your Rattle to make a deeper connection. Smudge it and yourself before using.

Medicine objects when made are always Smudged along with a Bonding Ceremony.

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Medicine Masks

Indigenous Peoples have used Masks since the earliest times for dancing, healing, inducing trances, shamanic journeying, driving illness from a home, portraying spiritual beings or elementals, while communicating and connecting with the spiritual plane. While wearing a Mask, you can lose yourself and become what is being portrayed by the mask. Each Mask will have a name and personality of its own.It needs to be made in a Ceremonial Way. If you already have a purchased mask, it is good to do a spiritual Bonding Ceremony with it.