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Nourish the Spirit

Children's Blessing Ceremony

This is one's of Wind Daughter's favorites. Firstly, the children who have participated in the Children's Program come and share with us by dancing, singing and sharing from their experience at the Gathering. Then some of the Teachers have the honor of offering blessings to each of the children with smudging, gifts of sacred feathers, medicine pouches, special stones, and seeds from the Three Sisters of corn, beans and squash.

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Prayer Tie Ceremony

Prayer Ties are little, cloth bundles that contain prayers. They contain tobacco or corn meal with tobacco. These herbs are are sacred medicines. tobacco has the ability to bind a prayer or keep it in tact. Corn meal is a feminine energy, so when put together with tobacco, it becomes a very, balanced medicine. The prayer is whispered or said out loud into each prayer bundle, as it is tied together, often on one single string.


They are often made in a series of  7 bundles to represent the 7 Powers of the Universe. It may be one group of 7 or even hundreds of bundle ties. It is a wonderful way to make these prayers while preparing for any Ceremony, especially Vision Quest, Stone Peoples' Lodge or any time needed to pray to Creator.

The Prayer Ties can be hung in a Lodge.  Then they can be offered to Nature's 4 Elements by burning in a sacred fire, hanging in a tree for the wind, put into a river/lake water or buried in the Earth Mother. They are an offering to the Creator for Gratitude and Blessings for our lives and being allowed to live.

A single Tobacco Tie is a square piece of cloth, usually red folded into a tiny present form containing tobacco or other sacred herbs. It is good to give a Teacher a single Prayer Tie in gratitude for their spiritual teachings. Also to a Fire Keeper at a Sweat Lodge, at a Pipe Ceremony, Fire Ceremony or any time you have received a blessing or teaching that you are grateful for.

 Teachings of Four

& Tobacco Teachings


Indigenous Peoples look for meanings and signs from Great Spirit's Creation. One sign that they have observed is the many examples of four:

  • child, adolescent, adult, elder

  • east winds, south winds, west winds, north winds

  • spring, summer, autumn, winter

  • red people, yellow people, black people, white people

  • sun, moon, stars, planets

  • roots, stems, leaves, fruit

  • day, night, moon, year

  • air, water, fire, earth

  • crawler, flyer, two-legged, four-legged

The four Sacred Herbs are tobacco, sage, sweet grass and cedar.

Tobacco is used for the making of prayers because it binds together a prayer. It is therefore used in the Sacred Prayer Pipe, Prayer Ties and Sacred Fires. Sweet Grass draws sweetness and goodness to the people or to an area. Sage has the ability to cleanse and clear negativity to self or a space. Cedar can be used for prayers or cleansing. Sage, Cedar and Sweet Grass can be used for Smudging Ceremony.

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